Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 OCI Fall Recruiting Schedule

See below for the 2012 OCI Fall Recruiting Schedule.

 July 2: Students are able to log into Symplicity to review employers participating in Fall Recruiting (Students must complete their TWEN training and meet with a Career Counselor to get their password to Symplicity)
July 2: Deadline to request resume review in order to guarantee you will have it back BEFORE bidding starts
July 16-23: Bidding Period (submit application materials) MUST log into Symplicity in order to bid.
Aug 1-6: Accept/Decline Period — Must log into Symplicity to sign up for interview slots (first come first served)
August 7-8: Alternative Sign Up (must log into Symplicity)
August 20-24: Interviews take place at the Law Center: Career Development Office, Finnell Rooms or 2nd floor TUII
If you have any questions, stop by the Career Development Office in 8BLB.