Friday, December 12, 2014

Alumni Spotlight: Aaron Blair '14

Aaron graduated from UHLC in May 2014 and is currently employed as both an Independent Landman with Tiger Stripe Resources, LLC and a Law Clerk with Landrith, Lehrbass & Suazo, LLP. In both of these positions, he is gaining the experience necessary to pursue his goal of becoming a title attorney. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us:

1. How did you obtain your first job out of law school? Probably through a mixture of luck and persistence. What’s the saying? 99% perspiration? That’s about right! I reached out to everyone I knew, from family to friends to classmates, and created my own network. I never sent cold resumes; instead, I always had someone vouching for me wherever I applied. I attended as many networking events as possible and made it a priority to engage with people face-to-face. I regularly set up informational interviews over breakfast or lunch to learn more about promising companies and firms. After meeting someone new, I followed up with an email or phone call to start building a relationship with that person.

2. Describe what led you to your current position. Believe it or not, I ended up at one of my current jobs by attending a Dane Cook comedy event! An attorney from one of the firms where I summered invited me to the show, and we built a rapport from there. When this attorney started his own law firm, he immediately brought me on. I came to Tiger Stripe via a more traditional path, that is, through the dedication and excellent work of the UHLC Career Development Office staff.

3. What experiences/internships did you have that you found to be helpful or beneficial in your job search and career thus far? Experience in my field of choice provided me with a significant advantage during the job hunt. For almost two years, I worked part-time under title attorneys while I was in school. It was about half-way through my law school career that I decided to focus on energy law. Before that, I filled my summers with internships in everything from estate planning to in-house work at an energy company. Getting my feet wet in a variety of areas and working under the attorneys in those fields helped me determine the right path for my career. If you’re interested in an area of the law, get out there and try it!

4. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to current law students? I imagine you’re all tired of hearing it, but focus on your grades – they are so important. Make sure you seize opportunities that will allow you to stand out. If no opportunities come knocking at your door, make your own. Get involved with a journal or other organizations on campus, such as mock trial and moot court. Figure out ways to get experience, either through internships or writing in your practice area. Build relationships. Amidst all of the studying, take the time to get to know your classmates, teachers, bosses, and co-workers. Most importantly of all, blaze your own trail. Don’t worry about how everyone else is doing it, or “how it’s done.” Assess your talents, skills, and interests, and follow a path that’s entirely your own. Be true to yourself, and your career will enrich your life.

If you'd like to connect with Aaron to learn more about his career path, talk to your counselor in the Career Development Office.