Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Announcing the UHLC 2013 Summer Public Interest Fellows!

The results are in and the awardees are listed below! Congratulations to our 2013 Public Interest Fellows!

Eman Arabi-Katbi            
Allison Arterberry           
Ahmed Atik                       
Kaitlyn Bailey                    
Daniel Bradley                  
Alexis Braun                      
Nimra Chowdhry             
Lauren Fisher                    
Andrew Geppert            
Ariell Hardy                        
Salma Hasan                      
Kevin Hooker                    
Brian Hutchison                               
Mark Jessup                      
Nandini Kavuri                  
Drew Kwartler                  
Theresa Langley                              
Kim Lewinski                     
Olivia Mathias                   
Clay Nelson                       
Ingrid Norsberg                               
Mary Prejean                   
Leah Robbins                    
Mycah Robinson             
Aimee Rodriguez            
Amir Roohi                         
Jason Schultz                    
Josephine Sorgwe          
Jon-Ross Trevino             
Rebekah Wendt                              

For all other students planning on working in a public interest position this summer, remember that you may be eligible to apply for work study funding. Otherwise you can volunteer or earn academic credit. If you are interested in academic credit, more information can be found at: http://www.law.uh.edu/clinic/externfaq.asp#3.