Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Details on the UHLC Graduate Fellowship program are here!

The Graduate Fellowship program helps graduates productively bridge the time between sitting for a bar exam and receiving bar results.  The goal of the fellowship program is to expand a graduate's experience/resume and increase their connections in the legal market while working with a government or non-profit legal organization.  Fellows will also participate in the Career Development Office’s bi-weekly career coaching & counseling program.

A completed application includes an application, a current resume and the agency agreement and will not be accepted if the applicant has not met with the Public Interest Advisor and your 3L counselor.  All completed applications are due Friday, May 17, 2013 – NO EXCEPTIONS

A limited number of fellowships are available.  Interested grads should make note of the three step application process: 

(1) No later than April 26th (prior to arranging placement) make an appointment with the Public Interest Advisor, Bhavika Shah. You will meet with her and your 3L counselor together to discuss placement options relevant to your career goals (schedule appointments here); 
(2) Submit your application to your organization, gain approval, and have your organization submit the Agency Agreement by May 17, 2013; and
(3) Email your application and resume to Bhavika Shah at and Anna Julia at in the Career Development Office also by May 17, 2013.

Fellows will earn $4000 for 10 weeks of part-time work between August and November. 

Additional information along with Applications and Agency Agreements can be found here.